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Camping la Ballena Alegre 
Costa Brava
17470 Sant Pere Pescador 



Golf de Roses: sunny
air temp : 32 c
water : 24 c
wind : 4 bft / 14 Knots

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Velas North para alquilar

Todas nuestras velas son las nuevas de 2015 de North Sails. Tenemos montadas unas 50 velas con mastiles de 75% de Carbono en el centro para alquiler. Puedes escoger entre todas nuestras velas, desde pequeña a grande y de wave a slalom y freestyle. Nuestro sistema de botavara a medida, el "Fix Boom System" permite el uso de la misma botavara cada día durante tu estancia con nosotros. Todos nuestros cabos de arnés son ajustables. 
Hay entre 30-40 velas más montadas (botavara incluida) para niños y principiantes. Los niños pueden usar las velas North Drive Super Light, con tamaños entre 1,0m² a 3,5m². La Curve Series para principiantes y adultos varia entre tamaños de 4,2m² a 5,8m².

Equipment Range Windsurfingsails

S-Type SL

North - S-Type SL 2015

Programme: Racing/ Freeride

Sizes:  7.8 m² and 8.3 m²

The S-Type SL Sails are available at the Club Mistral Golf de Roses in the 
sizes 7.8 m² and 8.3 m²!

This is the new sail from the North Sail range 2015. In this sail you will find the perfect compromise between power and stability. As the mastsleeve is relatively narrow at the top, waterstarting shouldn't be such a big deal.
The 3 cambers stabilise the profile and give you maximum power.

Ram F 14

North - Ram F 14 2014

Programme: Racing/ Slalom

Sizes:  8.6 m² and 9.3m²

The Ram F14 Sails are available at the Club Mistral Golf de Roses in the 
sizes 8.6m² and 9.3m²!

These pure Slalom Sails are made for Expert Riders who look for maximum performance and speed.
The three cambers keep the profile super stable even when the wind picks up!

If you want to be the fastest windsurfer of the bay of Roses, then we recommend using the Fanatic Falcon 120l or140l.

E- Type

North - E- Type 2015

Programme: Performance No cam

Sizes: 6.2 m²,6.6 m², 7.3 m² , 7.8 m²

The new E-Type Sails are available at the Club Mistral Golf de Roses in the 
sizes 6.2 m²,6.6 m², 7.3 m² and 7.8 m²

These high performance no Cam Sail combines top speed and easy handling. 
These sails are perfect to improve your jibes in light wind conditions.

The perfect combination in thermal windconditions at Club Mistral Golf de Roses are the Boards Hawk Bamboo 113l and 124l or Gecko Bamboo 112l and 120l.


North - Volt 2015

Programme: Wave -Freestyle

Sizes: 4.0m²/4.5m²/5.0m²/5.3m²/5.9m²/6.4m²

The new Volt is a based on the famous "Ice " and "Duke".

The shape of the smaller sizes until 5.3m² is the shape of a wavesail, perfect in Golf de Roses for Tramuntana Windconditions.
Above this size the shape is based on a Freestyle / Freeride Sail. 

The Volt is an ultra light and nervous sail and has an easy handling and a lot of energy at the same time.


North - Curve 2014

Programme: Crossover -Entry

Sizes: 4.2m²/4.7m²/5.4m²/5.8m²

The featherweight Curve has been designed for windsurfers who want fast progress. Its balanced shape and the very low weight are made for beginners and intermediates who will experience fast progressions. 

In Club Mistral Golf de Roses you will find this sail for rental in the bigger sizes- the smaller sizes are also used for the Beginner - and Refresher Lessons.
Learning has never been more fun!

Drive Grom

North - Drive Grom 2015

Programme: Crossover -Kids

Sizes: 1.0m²/1.5m²/2.0m²/2.5m²/3.0 m²/3.5m²

The new Drive Grom is the most specialised kids sail on the market.
All sails are equipped with 60% Carbon masts and small diameter booms, which are also equipped with harness lines for the more advanced kids.

The Club Mistral Golf de Roses Team is proud to offer such a high quality equipment to the youngest guests. Fun and success are guaranteed right from the beginning.